Fraudulent Check Warning

At The Hanover, we are always mindful of insurance fraud in all of its various forms. We work closely with state fraud bureaus and law enforcement agencies to help detect and prevent instances of fraud, and to resolve and prosecute those abuses whenever they occur.

Recently, we have heard reports from individuals who have received counterfeit checks in the mail that appear to come from The Hanover Insurance Group or one of its affiliated companies. One example is a check that appears to have come from Citizens Insurance, and includes the name and address of Deutsche Bank. These checks are received unexpectedly and delivered without any explanation or accompanying documentation.

If you have received such a check, and are not a claimant or Hanover policyholder, we advise that you do not attempt to cash it, and that you report receipt of the check to:

Charles Reed
Director, Investigative Services Unit
The Hanover Insurance Group
Phone: 508-855-3589
Mail: 440 Lincoln Street, Mail Stop N-222, Worcester, MA 01653

It is also recommended that you contact your local police department.



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